Women’s Health Screenings February 15th & 16th

Clinical trial infographic design for Wake Research

Mount Vernon Clinical Research is introducing complimentary (free) screenings in February of 2017.

Women’s Health Screening and Ultrasound

Wednesday and Thursday, February 15th and 16th, Mount Vernon Clinical Research will host a Women’s Health Screening and ultrasound open house. Ultrasound technicians will be available to scan women’s abdomens to check for abnormalities. These abnormalities can be an indication of medical conditions like uterine fibroids. The abdominal ultrasound scans are free of charge and participants can take a copy of the scan with them for their personal records, or to provide them to their health care provider. An appointment is required to attend.

Contact our research team at (404) 419-1857 for details and to schedule your appointment. Insurance is not necessary to participate. Appointments will be available between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Screenings will be offered at Mount Vernon Clinical Research, 755 Mount Vernon Highway N.E., Suite #200, Atlanta, GA, 30328

Mount Vernon Clinical Research specializes in conducting clinical research studies (also called clinical trials) to test possible treatments for medical conditions. With many decades of collective staff experience, we are one of Georgia’s premier independent clinical research centers.

Mount Vernon Clinical Research
755 Mount Vernon Highway NE
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30328
Media Contact:
Cameron Knowles – 919-781-2514

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